Here are eight ways to kickstart your workout routine right away.

  1. Stop thinking about being “bad.”. Be Positive!
  2. Set a realistic, specific goal.
  3. Go for a walk. Start just walking around the block!
  4. Hold a one minute plank, or as long as You can do it!
  5. Try a HIIT workout, see YouTube to follow along
  6. Eat something healthy. see My IG Account for recipe hints and meal prep @amanda_rainbow_stories
  7. Find a workout buddy. We all want one so don't argue with Them!
  8. Use Your Home Exercise equipment. Set it up in an area that is convenient. Have You seen the Home Exercise equipment We stock? Check out Our SPORTS Section. Most Equipment has instructions.
  9. Plan time for exercise. Schedule! Use Our scheduling papers to help You fit in time.

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