How to successfully Paint Your Nails...

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Start off with clean, unpainted nails. The best way to remove any remaining nail polish is with non-acetone nail polish remover and a cotton washcloth. Keep the washcloth until it's used all over, then wash it with the towels to use again. It is a more environmentally friendly option and also more effective option than those nasty cotton buds.

1) Use a Cuticle Oil and Remove Your Cuticles, see instructions

2) Apply a Medicated Fungal Tincture to every nail and let thoroughly dry. It will remain a little tacky, but that's ok.

3) Apply two coats of Revitanail Intensive Strength Calcium Treatment Polish. Dry thoroughly.

4) Carefully use the colour nail varnish in thin coats, allowing to dry thoroughly between uses. Let the colour build up gradually rather than applying a heap of polish at once. This is because it will be more likely to smear and take longer to dry.

5) Apply another coat of Revitanail.

6) Apply any stickers, water decals, or fancies.

7) Apply another coat of Revitanail.

8) Use one coat of Top Coat, preferably a Quick Dry type.

This will ensure You the best possible scenario for Natural Painted Nails! It can take about an hour and a half to two hours, but think of it as relaxation, self care time!


Reload Your brush every time for each nail and scrape off one side into the bottle before applying. 

Whenever You are not using the bottle - screw the lid back on! It is so easy to knock a bottle of nail polish or nail polish remover onto nice furniture. Value Your surfaces. Don't be messy.

Do Your nails last thing at night, so any excess comes off in the Shower the next day. 

Do one hand at once. Organise something to do for drying time so You can make use of Your time.

Short nails are hygienic. Fullstop.

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