❤ Occasions for Gift or Card Swapping ❤


Following is an expansive Calendar of many different Holidays and reasons for sharing gifts.


I've marked where We intend to have a SALE! and the details of that sale will be on the Banner of My Website on the day of the sale. The sales will vary in content and price reduction. Sure, these won't be the only sales We have but it gives You a clear idea of when to visit the store with money ready! 


Australian MidSummer's Eve, generally around 21st December

Festivus, 23rd December

Christmas Eve, 24th December

Christmas/Newtonmas, 25th December

Boxing Day, 26th December

New Year's Eve/Hogmanay/Watch Night, 31st December

New Year's Day/Commitment Day, 1st January

Motivational and Inspiration Day, 2nd January

Festival of Sleep Day/National Drinking Straw Day, 3rd Januaury *SALE*

Pop Music Chart Day/Weigh-in Day, 4th January

National Bird Day/National Whipped Cream Day, 5th January

National Cuddle Up Day/National Beans Day, 6th January

National Bubble Bath Day/National JoyGerm Day, 8th January

Word Nerd Day, 9th Januray

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day/Houseplant Appreciation Day/Peculiar People Day, 10th January

International Thank-You Day/National Human Trafficking Awareness Day/National Clean Your Desk Day, 11th January

Pharmacist's Day, 12th January

Rubber Ducky Day/National Sticker Day/Make Your Own Dreams Come True Day, 13th January *SALE*

International Kite Day/Organise Your Home Day, 14th January *SALE*

National Hat Day, 15th January

Appreciate a Dragon Day/Religious Freedom Day, 16th January

World Religion Day/Benjamin Franklin Day 17th January

Thesaurus Day, 18th January

National Popcorn Day, 19th January

National DJ Day/Camcorder Day/International Day of Acceptance/National Cheese Lover's Day, 20th January

National Hugging Day/International Sweatpants Day, 21st January

National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, 22nd January *SALE*

National Handwriting Day, National Reading Day, 23rd January

National Compliment Day, January 24th

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, National Opposites Day, 25th January

National Spouses Day, Australia Day, 26th January

National Geographic Day, 27th January

National Puzzle Day, Freethinkers Day, 29th January

National Seed Swap Day, 30th January

Inspire Your Hear with Art Day, 31st January

Lunar New Year, varies each year

Groundhog Day, 2nd February

World Cancer Day/National Sweater Day, 4th February

National Working Naked Day/National Wear Red Day, 5th February

Take Your Child to the Library Day/Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, 6th February

Dump Your Significant Jerk Day/Send A Card To A Friend Day/E-Day/Rose Day, 7th February

National Kite Flying Day/Propose Day/International Epilepsy Day, 8th February

Read in the Bathtub Day, 9th February

Teddy Day, 10th February

National White Shirt Day/Promise Day, 11th February

Hug Day, 12th February

World Kiss Day, 13th February

Valentine's Day/World Marriage Day, 14th February ❤ *pre-SALE*

Random Act of Kindness Day, 17th February

National Drink Wine Day, 18th February

National Love Your Pet Day/National Handcuff Day, 20th February

International Mother Language Day/National Sticky Bun Day, 21st February

National Walking the Dog Day/National Cook A Sweet Potato Day/Be Humble Day, 22nd February

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day/Play Tennis Day, 23rd February

World Bartender Day, 24th February

National Strawberry Day/Open That Bottle Night Day, 27th February

National Public Sleeping Day, 28th February

National Mulled Wine Day, 3rd March

World Book Day, 4th March

National Salesperson Day/Employee Appreciation Day, 5th March

Dentists Day/Frozen Food Day, 6th March

Easter, varies each year

Orthodox Easter, varies each year

International Women's Day, 8th March *SALE*

National Skirt Day/National No smoking Day, 10th March

Jewellery Day/Smart and Sexy Day, 13th March *SALE*

Crowdfunding Day, 14th March

True Confessions Day/National Napping Day/World Consumer Rights Day/Australia's National Day for the Arts/World Art Day, 15th March *SALE*

Sakura Month 15th March - 15th April

Harmony Week, 15th-21st March

Lips Appreciation Day/Freedom of Information Day/No Selfies Day, 16th March

St Patrick's Day, 17th March

National Awkward Moments Day/Forgive Mum n Dad Day, 18th March

International Read to Me Day/National Chocolate Caramel Day/International Clients Day/World Sleep Day, 19th March *SALE*

World Story Telling Day/International Day of Happiness/National Ravioli Day/National Quilting Day, 20th March

Nowruz, 20th March - 21st March

International Day of the Teenager/International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination/World Down Syndrome Day/National Common Courtesy Day/World Poetry Day/National Fragrance Day, 21st March

World Water Day, 22nd March

World Meteorological Day/National Puppy Day/National Chip n Dip Day/Melba Toast Day/National Eucalyptus Day, 23rd March *SALE*

Cash Mob Day/Flatmates Day, 24th March *SALE*

National Waffle Day, 25th March

Purple Day/National Nougat Day/National Spinach Day, 26th March

National Spanish Paella Day/International Whiskey Day/Earth Hour, 27th March

National Weed Appreciation Day, 28th March *SALE*

April Fool's Day/Maundy/National Atheist Day, 1st April

Autism Day/Love Your Producer Manager, 2nd April

National Find a Rainbow Day/National Tweed Day/World Party Day/Tangible Karma Day, 3rd April *SALE*

Tartan Day, 6th April

Yom Hashoah, 8th April

Pohela Boishakh/Lao New Year/Sinhalese/Tamil New Year, 14th April

Earth Day, 22nd April

St George's Day, 23rd April

Anzac Day, 25th April

Hexennacht, 30th April

International Day of The Worker/May Day, 1st May

Vesak/Buddha's Birthday, Vesak Full Moon

Cinco De Mayo/Day of The Dead, 5th May

National Fitness Day, occurs during the first week of May *SALE*

Mother's Day, 2nd Sunday in May

International Day of Families, 15th May *SALE*

World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development, 21st May

Pentecost, varies each year

Australian National Sorry Day, 26th May

International Children's Day, 1st June

MABO Day, 3rd June

World Environment Day, 5th June *SALE*

Heterosexual Pride Day, 9th June

Gay Pride Day, 10th June

World Refugee Day, 20th June

World Humanist Day/International Tshirt Day, 21st June *SALE*

U.S.A. Father's Day, Third Sunday in June

Australian Midwinter's Day, generally around 

The Coming of The Light Festival, 1st July

U.S.A. Independence Day, 4th July

Eid al-Adha, 20th July

Unveiling Day, 25th July

International Friendship Day, 2nd August *SALE*

International Cat Day, 8th August *SALE*

Assumption of Mary, 15th August

Thrift Shop Day, 17th August *SALE*

International Day of The Couple, 18th August ❤ *SALE*

International Fashion Day, 21st August *SALE*

Krishna Janmastami, falls on full moon

Australian South Sea Islanders National Recogntion Day, 25th August

International Dog's Day, 26th August *SALE*

Father's Day Australia, First Sunday in September

National Actor's Day, 8th September

Australian Citizenship Day, 17th September

World Peace Day, 21st September

Archangel Michael's Day, 29th September *SALE*

Buy Nothing New Day, 1st October *SALE*

Indigenous People's Day, Second Monday in October

International Doctor's Day, 4th October

International Teacher's Day/Queen of Australia's Birthday, 5th October

All Hallow's Day, 30th October

Halloween, 31st October

Samhain, 31st October - 1st November

All Saint's/Soul's Day 1st - 2nd November

International Day of The Housewife, 3rd November *SALE*

Guy Fawkes Night, 5th November

Baha'i's Birth of the Bab, 6th November

Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day, 11th November *SALE*

International Day for Tolerance, 16th November

International Men's Day, 19th November *SALE*

Universal Children's Day, 20th November

Thanksgiving, Fourth Thursday of November

Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving *SALE*

Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving *SALE*

World AIDS Day, 1st December

Green Monday, 2nd Monday in December

Advent, Four Sundays preceding Christmas Day

International Day of The Disabled Person, 3rd December

St Barbara's Day, 4th December

Krampusnacht, 5th December

Saint Nicholas Day, 6th December

Feast Of The Immaculate Conception, 8th December

Human Rights Day, 10th December

St Lucy's Day, 13th December

Feast of Winter Viel, 15th December - 2nd January

HumanLight, 23rd December

Sol Invictus, 25 December

Yule, December - January *SALE*

Koliada, late December

Hanukkah, varies each year

Diwali, varies each year

Ramadan, varies each year

Pastafarian's "Holiday", varies each year


Other Gift Giving or Card Giving Occasions You shouldn't miss out on!

Weddings and Engagements

Make sure Family and Friends are provided for before Charity and Strangers!


New Pets

To Educate or Improve Someone Else's Life

To set an example or for setting goals with Others



Wedding Anniversaries or Date Anniversaries


In Sympathy


Ordinary Days/Depressing Days


Spiritual Gifts

Healthcare, Hospitalisations and Operations

Saying "I'm Sorry"

Love ❤


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