You can get Penpals from the Facebook Groups (with approval 😁)



ALSO... Register for The Pen Pal Club at to assist you in arranging pen pals for your students. 

Good Luck!

I have been Penpalling since I was about ten years old. My longest Penpals date back to 2000 AD that are still in contact. At one time, the most Penpals I've had is about 80 to 100 from all over the World.

Please be warned about PRISON MAIL and GHANA MAIL - google it if You think You get some and Someone wants You to respond. FRIENDSHIP BOOKS and SWAPPABLE ITEMS are a great way to get to know Other People and network in the Penpal Community.


Supports Development of Social Skills

Introverted tweens may particularly benefit socially from having a pen pal. A pen pal gives them the time and space to find the right words (they often freeze if they have to talk before they think) and naturally promotes a deep, less superficial relationship that introverts crave.

Why are pen pals important?
It's a way for students to learn without actually realizing that they're improving their reading and writing skills. ... Having a pen pal helps both parties to learn more about the world around them and see things from an entirely different point of view.
Should I get a pen pal?
It encourages patience and provides a way to slow down
As someone who needs to work on their patience, letter writing has been good practice! It also means that you and your pen pal will be a part of this long process together! Getting a pen pal is fun as well as rewarding.
Can pen pals fall in love?
Pen pals seem like an archaic idea in the world of instant connections. ... While old fashioned pen and ink has been replaced by email or IMs, pen pals can turn into a perspective love connection. If you're going to date your pen pal, just remember that writing isn't real life and letters can be lies.
Are Pen Pals safe?
Pen Pals is intended to be a safe, friendly and fun way to meet new people all over the world. By following these guidelines, you can help everyone, from all walks of life, feel welcome in the Pen Pals community. Any letters you send should be respectful and kind. If someone asks you for money - please do not feel obligated to give it to them. If you get a chain letter, do not feel obligated to respond.

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