The Story of Amanda's Loved-Up Items For Sale ❤

Amanda Johnston, now aged 48, living in South Australia, started this website on the weekend of the Pink Libra Full Moon, Easter Friday, April 2019.

The photos are from around that date and relate to the website - the first left is Me on a lollipop break from inputting, 10 June, 2019. The top right is Pookii and I inputting 15 May, 2019. The bottom left is wearing stock - I used to sell Wolf Headdresses - on May 5th, 2019. The bottom right is out for lunch wearing My booty same as stock, 30 April 2019.

I started My website in one of My darkest, most energetic moments. I had been running amandathewheelerdealer on Facebook during 2018, selling second hand and new items and had hoped to transfer the business to an online website.

You will still find Me on Facebook, but I'm banned from there now, so I can't use My business account.

There have been many challenges in this business, it is hard to keep focussed and not listen to the constant attacks. But this year I am celebrating My 3rd year as a dot com website and I'm quite proud to say I'm not planning on going anywhere 😅 

Expect the unexpected! Cheers!

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