Loved-Up Op-Shop

Pre-Loved-Up Items and Never Used Items of Interest!

One of the previous Professions I've had is running an Op Shop in the 90s. It wasn't any Op Shop, it was in the middle of the peak of the mid to late 1990s Underground Industrial Techno Scene plus Whoever else came along. For one stage it was My Obsession and I had a lot of fun and met a lot of great People there.

I am a thorough Believer in Recycling, Reusing and Repairing. This part of My Shop is going to reflect that Loved-upness ❤

These Items are sold to You on the condition that they arrive in the advertised state, and if they do not, We want You to provide detailed photographic evidence of both the parcel's damage before You unwrap it, and the Items damage when You first view and unpack it. Only then a compromise on a credit will be given.