Aussie Bracelets
Aussie Bracelets

Aussie Bracelets

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Green and Gold stretch bracelets. 

The Kangaroo Charm one suits a ladies wrist and is made from all plastic with a metal charm.

The Green and Gold without Charm, has handmade paper Green beads and yellow plastic beads. Not to be worn when in contact with water or perspiration. Suits a Man's wrist or a Ladies' Ankle.

The national colours of Australia are green and gold.[1] They were established by the Governor-General of Australia, Sir Ninian Stephen, on 19 April 1984 in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette; on advice from Prime Minister Bob Hawke.[3]

The gold colour represents the golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha), which is Australia's national flower. The uniforms of Australia's national sports teams are usually green and gold.[4] The golden wattle flower, and the colours green and gold, are also featured on the Coat of arms of Australia.

The Australian government states that, to be used correctly, the colours are placed side-by-side, with no other colour between them.

Comes in a giftbag.