Breathable Carrier Bags for Small Dogs or Cats

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Item Type: Slings
Origin: CN(Origin)
Type: Dogs
Material: Nylon
Style: Classics
Applicable Dog Breed: Small Dog
Season: All seasons
Pattern: Solid
Feature: Breathable

product manual:
1. The individual weight of ordinary models
600 grams for S
650 grams for M
700 grams for L.

The single weight of the wool pad: 
700 grams for S, 
800 grams for M
900 grams for L.

2. Specifications: 
S No. 43*28*19, 
M No. 47*30*23, 
L No. 53*32*26

3. Bearing:
S bearing pets within 3 kg;
M-bearing pets within 5 kg;
L-size pets within 7 kg.

1. Ventilation and ventilation grid design. The use of high-quality materials, cool and breathable, so comfortable for pets!
2. Durable and durable.
3. Large independent and comfortable space. The loose and comfortable space can effectively eliminate the anxiety of travel, allowing pets to restore calm faster!
Note that wood mat is a black mat + a white cotton cover.

Some felines love their backpack whether it's for long walks or just for short trips, they're happy with their window on the world and a room with a view. Other cats will hate them. They'll hate the jostling, the different scenery, and the small space... but read on...

Why does my cat love my backpack?
Cats are guided heavily by their noses, which feature a phenomenal sense of smell. If an item has your scent, they love to be near it because it brings them joy. They feel safe and secure around said object. Cats are also territorial and will sit on your bag as a territory marking exercise.
So a kitty may like to go out "in a familiar space", "to look at new things" like birds, animals, trees and water or just cars and people passing by. My kitty loved the park so much when I took Her one time that She ran away to there for two days following. Naughty! She was seen being chased by a fox into a Neighbour's yard. OMG... Yes She came Home unscathed by Herself and no I did not spank Her, lol. 
When Miss Pookii is in Her backpack, We only go on walks where She isn't jostled, and She agrees to go in the backpack. I let Her sit in it for a good ten to twenty minutes before We set off so She is well settled in there. Always add a toy or two or three. Remember - Cats like to be hidden sometimes. So if You can provide that for Them without Them having to search for it, that's going to be awesome for Their comfort.
Please don't ever let Your Pet sit in the sun for more than a couple of minutes. Always take a drinking bowl and water in case Your trip is extended past normal drinking times which, as an owner, You should know. Never leave Your Pet unattended. Constantly check on Your Pet's comfort.