Black Cat Meditation Figurine

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Origin: CN(Origin)
Material: Acrylic
Theme: Meditating Cat

Height is 5 inches

Width is 2 inches

Length is 3 inches

Perfect gift for those that love Cats, Meditation, & Yoga!

Why does my cat love when I do yoga?
Cats are curious creatures, so seeing their human move into unusual poses is likely to arouse their interest. You're likely to find them wandering under your perfectly formed plank pose or sniffing your extended feet.
Why does my cat act weird when I meditate?
But your cat can feel that the environment is more calm when you calm your own energies, and thus your cat feels more safe to approach you when you are in a meditative state. Even when you are reading a book, your 'behaviour' sends off vibes which are almost nonexistent when you meditate.
Why does my cat love meditation?
Cats use their purring abilities to effectuate calm and relieve stress. Almost like a form of chanting in meditation practices, purring helps a cat achieve peace.
What is Cat Yoga?
Cat yoga! Pet lovers who practice yoga with cats is a booming trend, and it's great for both humans and their furry companions! For those of you who love to exercise and love to interact with animals, cat yoga is the perfect way to bond with your kitty and get in a good workout at the same time.
What does seeing cats everywhere mean?
When you keep seeing a cat whether, in real life or a dream, that's a sign. It's a clear indicator that you need to take action in some part of your life or it's a warning of what could potentially happen in the future.
Are cats mystical?
She described the findings of scientists at the parapsychology laboratory of Duke University, which have repeatedly confirmed that cats have psychic abilities. In the Middle Ages, the prescience of the cat was so widely recognised that people began to believe that they were witches.