Belly Dance Clothing Sets

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Origin: CN(Origin)
Material: Modal
Size: M L XL
Bust: M 70-85cm/L 75-95cm/XL 80-100cm
Waist: M 60-75cm/L 70-90cm/XL 80-100cm
Skirt: M 91cm/L 94cm/XL 97cm
Height: M 155-162cm/L 160-168cm/XL168-172cm
Weight: M 45-53kg/L 53-63kg/XL 63-73kg
Includes: Only Top+Skirt(With Underpants)

The costume most commonly associated with belly dance is the 'bedlah' (Arabic: بدلة‎; literally "suit") style, which typically includes a fitted top or bra, a fitted hip belt, and a full-length skirt or harem pants.

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As one of the oldest forms of dance, the benefits of belly dance are undeniable; Belly Dancing promotes balance, strength, digestion, coordination and confidence as well as being a fun and highly expressive dance form. That must be good!

Can belly dancing flatten your stomach?
When combined with a balanced diet and workout regimen, belly dancing may flatten your stomach. ... On its own, however, belly dancing exercise won't give you a flat stomach. People of all shapes and sizes belly dance, and the swanky moves help you burn calories — which, in turn, can lead to a flatter stomach.
How does belly dancing change your body?
Belly dancing, contrary to its name, employs the larger and minor muscle groups of the abdomen, pelvis, spine, trunk, neck, gluteals, and upper arms. It is a great full-body workout that uses the body's own weight to build strength, flexibility, tone muscles and improve balance.
But isn't the bedlah just gorgeous on it's own as a fashion item?