Book "Traditional Chinese Tuina Exercises for Neck, Shoulder and Waist Chinese-English Version" 2017

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Language: Chinese and English
Condition: New
Age: Adult
Format: Paperback
Publication Year: 2010-Now
Binding: Fine Binding

You can make a Career and have Your Own Patients using Tuina!

About this book:

This book contains guidance on how to conduct Traditional Chinese Tuina Exercises for neck, shoulder and waist , introductions to all acupoints related , as well as cautions and precautions of conduct . With the help of model demonstration and verbal elaboration, carefully selected movements in these exercises become easy to understand . follow and master . Therefore ,we're confident to say that being highly accessible , practical and effective , this book could serve as a reference for educators and practitioners in the field of rehabilitation and health promotion, and as a guidebook for everyone to keep fit, prevent diseases , and treat pains. In a nutshell, it's a must-have for every office and household.


Basic Information about this book:

Title: Traditional Chinese Tuina Exercises for Neck, Shoulder and Waist 

Publisher: China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press(Sep,2017)

ISBN: 9787513241106

Language:Bilingual (Chinese and English)

Paperback: 105pages

Language: Chinese and English

Size:14.5 x 21 x 0.6 cm/5.7x8.3x0.2in

What is Tuina good for?

Tuina massage can be used to treat pain and illness, or to maintain good health. The technique is effective in reducing stress, encouraging relaxation, and deepening sleep. It's often used for conditions and injuries related to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

How often do we need a massage?

You should go at least once per month, but as often as twice per week in severe pain situations. The longer you wait though, and the more often you'll start the process over of loosening up your muscles because they tense up if you don't go often enough.