Gaspeite Pendants on Rubber Necklace
Gaspeite Pendants on Rubber Necklace

Gaspeite Pendants on Rubber Necklace

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Gaspéite, a very rare nickel carbonate mineral, with the formula CO 3, is named for the place it was first described, in the Gaspé Peninsula, Québec, Canada. Gaspéite is the nickel rich member of the calcite group.

What is Gaspeite used for?
It has been used to produce cabochons, beads and tumbled stones. Its most beautiful use is as an inlay material in sterling silver jewelry of the American Southwest. Bright green gaspeite adds a new and striking splash of green color to this jewelry.
Gaspeite is known to possess very strong healing attributes. It has an excellent healing vibration that will transfer its healing powers to its wearer. The more you wear this gemstone on your body, the more you will benefit from its healing energies!
It can be very beneficial to people who are having difficulties with losing weight. It can boost metabolism, and it’s also known to assist in the healing of lung problems.
Gaspeite can improve your digestive health and ease discomforts associated with stomach conditions.
It can help with issues in the intestinal tract, and it can ease the discomforts caused by heartburn and colitis.
The green color of Gaspeite can also be effective in treating the skin, the mucous membranes, and the respiratory tract.
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