Get Blonde 11oz Ceramic Mug
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Get Blonde 11oz Ceramic Mug

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Premium White 11oz ceramic mug
Coated with the Orca coating - guaranteed for 3000 dishwasher cycles
Size: 82mm x 95mm
Designed by Amanda Johnston

Why do I want to be blonde?
The urge to be blonde may also be driven by deep evolutionary history beginning many millennia ago when light shades first appeared on women's manes, allowing them to turn the heads of potential mates. "The more common a hair colour becomes, the less often it is preferred," Frost said. "It's a kind of novelty effect."

Why is being blonde better?
Science has suggested that people with blonde hair will actually have MORE hair! ... Your hair is more prone to look cleaner simply because you have more hair on your head. This is just one great advantage of being a blonde and is one reason why being blonde is better than having any other hair colour!