"Grumpy Cat" Metallic Window/Car Sticker

"Grumpy Cat" Metallic Window/Car Sticker

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Who remembers Grumpy Cat?

Tardar Sauce, nicknamed Grumpy Cat, was an American Internet celebrity cat. She was known for her permanently "grumpy" facial appearance, which was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. 

Born: 4 April 2012, Morristown, Arizona, United States

Died: 14 May 2019

She lives on in these 12.5cm x 9.5cm classic stickers, middle finger up to the World. A great way to show Your love for Cats and hatred for Hoomans on the road.

They will be just great for Windows, Cars, Bins, Computers, Bags...

I'm keeping one!