I Love Animals So I Don't Eat Them Tshirt

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Material: Polyester
Sleeve Length(cm): Short
Sleeve Style: Regular
Pattern Type: Print "I ❤ Animals so don't eat them"
Clothing Length: Regular
Collar: O-Neck

If You love Them, Don't eat Them! Wear this shirt and tell People Your opinion if You haven't already! I recommend to vocalise it as much as possible!

Animals and People are starving, Land is drying up, poverty reigns. Save the Day! GO VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN!


Is it really cheaper to be a vegetarian? Research recently presented at this year's European Congress on Obesity in Vienna, found that vegetarian diets are more affordable than other diets if you buy the food online. On average, it cost about $2.00 less per day to be a vegetarian, according to the research.

Meanwhile, shifting to a vegetarian diet will reduce greenhouse gas emissions like methane, nitrous oxide and carbon, save water and land resources, while also saving more than 100 animals each year from the horrific cruelty of the meat industry.

Vegetarians appear to have lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and lower rates of hypertension and type 2 diabetes than meat eaters. Vegetarians also tend to have a lower body mass index, lower overall cancer rates and lower risk of chronic disease.