100pcs Self Sealing Plastic Mailing Holographic Bags

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Size: 115x165+40mm/165x230+40mm/230x325+40mm
Type: Wallet Envelope
Material: PET+PE
Use: Gift Envelope
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Color: Laser
Product: Self Sealing Plastic Bag

Speedy Mailers 100pcs Laser Self Sealing Plastic Mailing Holographic Poly Adhesive Packaging Bags

Material: Laser silver film
Size: 115x165+40mm/165x230+40mm/230x325+40mm
Usage: post/logistics express,fragile items,gadgets,little gadgets
Please kindly note:
Items will be repackaged to save your shipping charge & to be environmentally friendly,We guaranty the item will be protected well in bubble bags.Thank you!