Cat/Dog/Rabbit Collars w Bell

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Bright coloured Collars that retract or extend to suit any animal from a kitten to a small dog. I even had a Customer who bought them for mini lop rabbits.

The bell is great for finding Your animal or blind animals. Also deters Cats from hunting birds, but beware, Cats are clever and it can train them to hunt better.

The reflective Collars will help You and Others see Your Animal at nighttime or in minimal light. It may stop a car from hitting Your Animal. (But some of those Drivers just don't seem to slow down for anything!)

The buckles and fittings are plastic and fast release. It is easy to clip a leash on to the metal ring that is joined on for walking Your Animal.

What You get: One Collar with bell in Your chosen pattern/colour

Sent from Australia.