Baby Krishna Silver Pendant on Necklace

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Shri Krishna, Baby Krishna or Damodara. A 1.5 inch tall representation of the Diety. On a Rubber Necklace. 

Damodar (Sanskrit: दामोदर, IAST: Dāmodara, also spelled "Damodara" and "Damodarah") is the 367th Name of Vishnu from the Vishnu sahasranama. The various meanings of the name are given as follows:

  • "The Lord when He was tied with a cord (daama) around His waist (udara)", denoting a divine pastime in which Krishna's mother Yasoda bound Krishna for being mischievous. (Used by various Vaishnava adherents.)
  • "One who is known through a mind which is purified (Udara) by means of self-control (dama)".
  • "One in whose bosom rests the entire universe."
  1. Ships from Australia in a gift bag