11cm Japanese Daruma Ceramic Good Luck Zen Statue Money Box

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Is Smart Device: no
Style: feng shui
Material: Ceramic & Enamel
Color: red, white, yellow
Size: 11x11cm

yellow represents make a fortune get rich

red represents healthy and passionate business boom

white represents hope family happiness

What do Daruma dolls represent?
Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement. The doll has also been commercialized by many Buddhist temples to use alongside the setting of goals.
We all need to set goals and see them achieved! Why not get a Daruma Doll to remind You of Your perserverence in a particular goal in Life?
I am going to put A Red One in My Shopping Basket to remind Me to commit to a passionate and better business boom! I have been thinking along the lines of different things lately, I hope You have All been satisfied. I will continue to do My job as best as I can! I really enjoy it when I get the time! I have some things planned for the future - don't worry!