7x10cm Jewellery/Glasses Cleaning/Polishing Cloth

7x10cm Jewellery/Glasses Cleaning/Polishing Cloth

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Item Weight: 6g
Product Features: immersed with antioxidation
Jewelry Tools & Equipments Type: Silver and Gold Polish Cloth
Item Width: 7cm
Item Length: 10cm
Item Type: Jewelry Tools & Equipments

Silver And Gold Polishing Cloth

It can remove blackish stains on silver jewellery and reddish stains on gold and platinum jewelry. It also protects and prevents jewellery from tarnish & dulling so your necklaces, bracelets and pendants will maintains its shine for longer in between polishes.


What does a polishing cloth do?
Polishing cloths help remove fingerprints, oils, tarnish, dirt, scratches and dullness from different metals such as silver, gold, steel, platinum, brass and copper.
Can a jewelry polishing cloth be washed?
The polishing cloth should never be laundered since that will remove the polishers that are impregnated within the cloth. The cloth can be reused many times even after it turns black. We suggest you purchase a new cloth only when you see it no longer shines your jewelry.