Kawaii Deer USB Low Noise Mini Fan 2 Speed Keyring Fan

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Type: Mini Character Fan

How does a USB fan work?
A Universal Serial Bus (USB) fan is any fan that makes use of a USB port for power. ... A computer fan can pull in cool air from outside the device to prevent it from over heating.
Are USB fans good?
A USB-powered fan is incredibly convenient and useful. It can cool the air around you and improve ventilation, whether you're working in the library or using it by the pool (with a power bank).

How much power does a USB fan use?
A popular USB fan consumes 2.5W power per hour and saves around 95% power than traditional AC fans.
Can I plug a USB fan into phone charger?
Yes, it is ok to use that way.. But not all adaptors let them function continuously. Some adaptors require return feed of consumption to continue pumping direct current this is usually to detect and adopt the supply based on the state of the appliance plugged in.