Magazine - "Loaded Issue 48" April 1998
Magazine - "Loaded Issue 48" April 1998

Magazine - "Loaded Issue 48" April 1998

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In okay condition. Well read.

Features -

World of Women 

Platinum Rogues

Come and Have A Go


Bunch of Arse!

Greatest Dead Englishman - James Mason

Sex & Drug News

Gary Player's Sitar School 

Moral Dilemmas

Howard Marks

Great Moments in Life - Blackouts

League of Greed

How It Works - The Universe 

Eddie Little

Now You're Stalking

Douglas Adams 

Sundanese Film Festival 

Michelle Norkett and Ashtrays 


Super Bowl XXXII

John Lydon

Leslie Phillips

Animal Lovers 

Chris Eubank


Fucking Fine Ads

196 pages of information for lads of all ages and walks of life. FOR MEN WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER AND WOMEN WHO DON'T GAF.