4.5 inch Porcelain Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Ornaments

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Origin: CN(Origin)

Size: Approx.11X11X10cm

Material: Ceramic

Package Included: 1 x Fortune Cat (with 1 cushion)

**Six colors for your choice

Pink:Good Health, Red: Good Health, Blue: Win at work

Black: Drive out bad luck, Purple: Good Luck, Orange: Wealth and Fortune

Maneki-Neko means "Beckoning Cat" meant to "beckon" good luck into Your Home
The Maneki-Neko legend comes from the Gotokuji Temple (in Japan) fame - where a passing traveller was apparently beckoned into the Temple before a Storm and in return of gratitude, the traveller made the Temple His Family Temple, raising funds. It still stands today and is full of Beckoning Lucky Cats for sale and worship.
Maneki-Nekos with Left Paws raised invite PEOPLE in - and with Right Paws raised bring money and good fortune, usually in a business sense. Both Paws raised indicate all wishes, with a focus on money and fortune.
The all-white Maneki Neko is supposed to bring its owner happiness and purity.
If you have a gold Maneki Neko, this is supposed to bring vast wealth to the person lucky enough to own it.
When you find a Maneki Neko in red, this figurine is supposed to ward off illness, especially in children.
The pink Maneki Neko is ideal for those who have a sense of romance because this cat is supposed to beckon love into your life.
The green Maneki Neko should probably be handed out during the first week of college because it is supposed to bring prosperity to your studies.
Perhaps the most fascinating of all the colors are the black Maneki Neko. While black cats in western culture are thought to be a symbol of bad luck, the black Maneki Neko figurine is supposed to keep away stalkers and general evil.
What the Lucky Cats carry is dependant on what They mean. The Meaning Behind What the Maneki Neko Is Wearing and Holding. Maneki Neko is a finely dressed cat usually adorned with a bib, collar and bell. In the Edo period, it was common for wealthy people to dress their pet cats this way; a bell was tied to the collar so that owners could keep track of their cats' whereabouts. Keeping track of Their good luck.
September 29th is dedicated to this Lucky Cat.