Handset Adjustable Glass Cabachon Rings

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Handset by Amanda Johnston, owner and operator of Amanda's Loved Up Item's For Sale. The ring is Adjustable and will fit to any size if You carefully manipulate it. The ring is made from Silver Alloy, the Pale Sky type is a dark colour alloy. the Pink Sky model has a fancy ring setting and is still adjustable, but a little less manipulatable.

Each Tree of Life Cabachon is 10mm Round in Diameter. 

What is the meaning behind the tree of life?

The tree of life represents the afterlife, and connection between the earth and heaven. The bond and affection to trees is so deep that Celts believed the actual trees were their ancestors, gatekeepers to the Celtic Otherworld. As such, the tree of life in Celtic Culture is sacred.

What is the Tree of Life in the Bible?
According to Jewish mythology, in the Garden of Eden there is a tree of life or the "tree of souls" that blossoms and produces new souls, which fall into the Guf, the Treasury of Souls. The Angel Gabriel reaches into the treasury and takes out the first soul that comes into his hand.

Why is the tree of life important?
Through yielding powerful insights into the past, the Tree of Life provides a means to interpret the patterns and processes of evolution, as well as the ability to predict the responses of life in the face of rapid environmental change.

The Leaf Pattern is very Modern, yet also very traditional as it appeared in Antique jewelleries, fabric materials and wallpapers; etc. This Cabachon is a stunning 15mm. Match it up with Your outfit by any colour in the ring! The ring is bronze and has a frilly setting around the edge bezel.

The colouring of the Blackbird makes the creature a symbol of death, change, magic, and mystery. Often, Blackbirds represent or are sacred to Tricksters, demi-gods, or Gods and Goddesses in myth, and Shamans consider these creatures Spirit messengers. Blackbirds: News of Good Passage

While the crow or blackbird often play the trickster, they are benevolent and bring news of good passage and protection. The black bird's reputation as a bad omen is not based in experience or fact.

The Blackbird Cabachon is 12mm in diameter and is set in a bronze alloy.

Orange birds symbolize excitement and bliss.

The Orange Bird Cabachon is 12mm in diameter and is set in a frilly setting, and bronze alloy.