Sexxxy Human/Dog Bling Bowtie Metallic Collars

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These Collars will fit a medium Dog or a Human. 😏

They are 43cm long with 5 adjustment holes. The Bowtie is 55mmx32mm and has deep-set Rhinestones. The Collars are 18mm wide and stitched, made from metallic PU Leather. They are tough and last a long time.

There is an allowance on the Collars for a clip for a tag or walking lead. We sell tags!

The Model in the Pictures is #misspookii 🐈‍⬛ She is wearing a smaller size. She is really possessive of Her Bling Bowtie Collars, there was one I cut down, it looked a little ugly "imperfect" on the end and She dumped it, refused to wear it. I had to put on a new one. She likes that colour more it seems. Soft pink. She is a She!