Synthetic Amethyst Goldtone Adjustable Ring
Synthetic Amethyst Goldtone Adjustable Ring

Synthetic Amethyst Goldtone Adjustable Ring

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This is not genuine Synthetic Amethyst. It is glass. Yet the colour appropriation remains the same as it relates to Your Crown Chakra.

The Meaning of Sahasrara, or the Crown Chakra, is essentially the spiritual self. Sahasrara is associated with the pursuit of spiritual peace, and connecting to higher consciousness or state of being. It is commonly pictured as concentric rings of flower petals, which represent the divine lotus.

It is a lovely large ring, measuring 1.8cm x 1.3cm Oval, in a bezel setting.

It is easy to adjust this ring, but it will only go SMALLER than size 7.5, down to about size 6

It is a second hand ring from the Amanda's Loved-Up collection and has a little wearing on the plating on the sides. The face of the ring is in excellent condition. 👌 

Comes in a ring box, shipped from Australia 🇦🇺 🙌